Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 63 – Uncensored Starlight

Paul and Chille celebrate the holidays with special guests Flattuss from Maelstrom Radio, and Vegan Pete and Avi Aiel from She Heals I Tank. Spirits are high and flowing freely in this uncut and uncensored episode. Enjoy!

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 62 – Dungeons and Dover’s

If Chille lives in a world of Werewolves, then Paul’s home of Dover is a perfect fit in a medieval fantasy, filled with Goblins drinking coffee?? Paul takes Chille and Flattuss on a tour of this mystical land, and they maybe even talk a little about Final Fantasy XIV.

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 61 – The FanFest BLUes!

This week’s episode focuses on Chille’s experience at FanFest in Las Vegas. Paul and Chille are joined by Flattuss as they talk all about the announced new job Blue Mage, the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers, and info from the Live Letter. But remember, some things that happen in Vegas stay in Vegas. Enjoy!

Moogle-Go-Round Episode 60 – Scarbados

Paul and Chille celebrated their 60th episode a little early this week, as it is Extra Life Game Day for many fellow streamers. The discussion is joined by regular guest Flattuss, and while they talk a bit about FFXIV, the conversation quickly diverged to discussing Chille’s hometown, a place filled with werewolves and spices. Give it a listen!

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 59 – Spoopy Times are Here Again

This week, Paul and Chille are joined by Flattuss, the arthritic ghost! The trio talk about the current All Saints’ Wake event in FFXIV, as well as their thoughts and plans for the upcoming FanFest in Las Vegas.

Make sure to listen for your chance to win one of the previous years’ event items from the MogStation! 

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 58 – A Maelstrom of Moral Support

Paul and Chille are joined in this episode by Flattuss and Dylan from Maelstrom Radio, as well as special guests Susan Sprinkle and Podcastitute from the Umbra FC on Gilgamesh. The group talk about a brand new GoFundMe project started by SheHealsITank’s Avi Aiel to help get Chille to the Vegas FanFest, the upcoming 100th episode of Maelstrom Radio, and what it’s like running a Free Company on a large server like Gilgamesh. They also gave a TL;DR version of the Patch 4.4 storyline.

Help Chille get to FanFest:

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 57 – Spoiling the Patch

Less than a week into Patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet, Paul and Chille give their unabashed and unapologetic opinions of the new content, spoilers and all. The pair also talk about a special giveaway they are hosting, so make sure to listen to find out how to win!

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 56 – Love is Just a Patch Away!

The boys  are back after a small break due to Paul’s busy work schedule and a quick vacation, and are doing what they love; talking smack about FFXIV, and raving about food. The pair discuss the new Patch 4.4 trailer and give their impressions on the newest raid tier from the info given to us so far. Enjoy!

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 55 – A Cold Reception to a Frozen Zone

This week, Paul and Chille are trying to beat the heat by talking about the frozen new content in FFXIV, Eureka Pagos, as well as the Monster Hunter World crossover event. They also discuss the upcoming Rising event, and Chille gives his best attempt at reading the newest Developer memories from the 5th Anniversary page.

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 54 – Previewing the Pre-Lewd

Paul and Chille discuss FFXIV again! The pair talk about the Patch 4.4 preview, and in true MGR fashion the topic quickly shifts elsewhere just as quickly. they are joined by Flattuss from Maelstrom Radio. Enjoy!