Episode 168 – Street Rats and Sky Pirates

In this week’s Episode, Klauss and Seyrr return to Ivalice via disc 1 of the Final Fantasy XII original soundtrack. The pair also talk about the recent anouncements regarding Final Fantasy XVI and the multitude of games in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Enjoy!

Show Notes
Final Fantasy XVI release window and new trailer: https://youtu.be/gV5rIW1Qums
Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis trailer and release window announced: https://youtu.be/G53XnZSzRRU
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII coming out this Winter: https://youtu.be/aRBiRFM2k0I
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth coming out Winter 2023: https://youtu.be/H_4CkyOmuuU

Episode 124 – Eternal Windbags

This week, Klauss and Taliz talk about the music from the Original Soundtrack of Final Fantasy III, the third and final FF game from the Famicom/NES era. The pair also discuss the latest news in the Final Fantasy universe. Enjoy!

Show Notes
Work on FFVII Remake Part 2 is moving along: https://www.psu.com/news/final-fantasy-7-remake-part-2-motion-capture-has-reportedly-started/
What is up with the FFVII Remake box breaking game?: https://kotaku.com/8-questions-i-have-about-that-weird-box-breaking-game-i-1843616292

DQ X Crossover event returning to FFXIV on July 2nd: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2020/Theres_Golems_in_Those_Hills/
FFXIV Doman Mahjong set preorders for NA and EU: https://na.finalfantasy.com/news/1401

New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered trailer: https://youtu.be/seLyp6fi3wI

New FFVII digital collection album from Distant Worlds/A New World: https://dw-anw-collections.bandcamp.com/

FFRPG Tabletop game 4th edition: http://ffrpg4e.wikidot.com/start

The World Ends with You upcoming Anime series announced: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/06/square_enix_announces_new_anime_project_for_the_world_ends_with_you?fbclid=IwAR1toe8c7Cb8y4Qftwi-yinShJWcUjMaVG6yRdKzSVJEq_ByJBsbNUegNyA

Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2BJRXUI

Episode 88 – Viva FanFest

In this episode, Klauss, Seyrr, Chille, and Taliz talk about Paris FanFest. The gang discuss the news from the Keynote, Producer Live Letter 49, as well as the press conference and an interview of Yoshida held by Game Watch.

Show notes:
Gamer Escape’s coverage of the FanFest Keynote and Live Letter:

Nova Crystallis’ Coverage of the Keynote and PLL:

FanFest Press Conference transcript courtesy of r/FFXIV:

Transcript of Game Watch interview with Yoshi-P:

Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 41 – Starlight Spirits

In the final episode for 2017, Paul and Chille end the year with a bang! They are joined by Pete and Avi from She Heals I Tank, Flattuss from Maelstrom Radio, Klauss from Phoenix Down Radio, and SaferSephiroth from The Crucible. We can’t rightly explain what exactly happens in this episode, but there were definitely spirits involved (of the alcoholic variety!) Give it a listen and enjoy!