Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 22 – Pug Life

This week, Paul and Chille are live again, and joined by your girlfriend’s favorite streamer, Samus Rageborne ( The trio discuss the “Pug Life” and what it really means to make progress in an MMO with Pick-Up groups rather than Statics, and how the new Cross Datacenter Party Finder has helped. They also discuss the recent Fan Festival from Frankfurt and their thoughts and expectations looking forward to Stormblood.


Episode 37 – FanFest 2017 Digest – Believe it!

Less than 24 hours after the keynote from Frankfurt, the crew discusses and reacts to what we learned about the upcoming expansion. We also talk about upcoming DLC and changes coming for Final Fantasy  XV. We sadly lose Seyrr at the end tho, his spirit was broken by the birbs, believe it!

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GamerEscape digest of Press Conference with Yoshida:
Yoshida confirms Blitzball (Via Nova Crystallis):