Episode 129 – Five Fabulous Years

Phoenix Down Radio celebrates our fifth podcast anniversary with special guest FusionX from Gamer Escape. We talk about the FFXIV anniversary event, the Rising, as well as the launch issues of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the new Opus XII launch date for the FF Trading Card Game, and wax nostalgic on the past 5 years of podcasting. We also had fun playing trivia with our listeners, and announced a contest! Share your favorite Final Fantasy memory with us for a chance at 1 of 3 different mounts in Final Fantasy XIV! Thank you for being with us for the past 5 years, and here’s to 5 more!

Show notes:
Issues with the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles launch: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/director_of_final_fantasy_crystal_chronicles_remaster_will_try_to_put_things_right
Final Fantasy XI September Update: https://www.mmorpg.com/final-fantasy-xi/news/final-fantasy-xi-september-update-details-provided-2000119315
Final Fantasy XIV’s The Rising event info: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2020/The_Rising/89gmadhdzc
Tales from the Shadows Part 1 – Small Mercies: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/tales_from_the_shadows/sidestory_05/
Tales from the Shadows Part 2 – A Dream Partnership: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/tales_from_the_shadows/sidestory_06/

Episode 127 – Food, Lore, and Food Dressed as Lore

In this week’s episode, Klauss, Taliz, and Seyrr finish their discussion on the Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack, including their best track of the game, Clash on the Big Bridge. Seyrr discusses the story of the Bozja Incident, Taliz gives us 3 different versions of Salmon Meuniere, and Klauss kept things from going too far off the rails! Enjoy!

Show Notes:
New Final Fantasy XI Story: http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/resurgence/ Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future book now available: https://squareenixmangaandbooks.square-enix-games.com/en-us/product/9781646090006
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 Preliminary notes: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/4f18bc98879389862f5d3dd61e3b3da623e3670d
Final Fantasy V Orignal Soundtrack info: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_V:_Original_Sound_Version

Episode 126 – Run!

This week, Seyrr rejoins Klauss and Taliz on the podcast. We discuss the news from the Final Fantasy universe, including FFXIV Producer Live Letter 59. We then continue on our discussions of Final Fantasy music with disc 1 of Final Fantasy V.

Show notes:
Final Fantasy VII Episode 2 in full development: https://novacrystallis.com/2020/07/final-fantasy-vii-remakes-second-part-is-in-full-development/
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will not have Offline Co-op: https://novacrystallis.com/2020/07/final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-remastered-edition-wont-have-offline-co-op/
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 Patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jmALV5kDVw
FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live coverage: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/hvb7hf/letter_from_the_producer_live_part_lix/
Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version song info: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_V:_Original_Sound_Version

Episode 123 – The Song of the Wild Rose

In this episode, Taliz and Klauss dive into the soundtrack of Final Fantasy II, bringing Taliz back to his early days playing Japanese imported cartridges. The pair also talk about the cancellation of the NA FanFest in November, the PS5 reveal, and the FFXI Anniversary event. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
FFXIV Community fundraiser supporting ACLU: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ffxivcommunityfundraiser Akhmorning (another FFXIV group) supporting the Black Lives Matter organization: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/black-lives-matter-to-akhmorning
Letter from the Producer LXIII: https://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/420143
PS5 Future of Gaming showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuLci-lSeCo
SE Project Athia trailer: https://youtu.be/doe3kUqHIcM
Final Fantasy II Soundtrack playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0aVvwC4fVEcu7VH7y8bkA6

Episode 122 – Light Amid the Chaos

This week, we take a deep dive into the music of the original Final Fantasy from 1987, listening to each track and and waxing nostalgic as we recall our initial play-throughs of the game. We also discuss the returning FFXI crossover event in FFXIV and the newest edition of the fan-made FFXIV Census.

We also take time to talk about current events and how they are affecting us, such as the continuing pandemic and the tragedy in Minneapolis. We hope you are all staying safe and well during these trying times.

Show notes:
Maiden’s Rhapsody FFXI Crossover event in FFXIV: https://sqex.to/sK5oN XIVCensus: https://ffxivcensus.com/
Music from Final Fantasy (NES): http://www.vgmpf.com/Wiki/index.php/Final_Fantasy_(NES)#Music

Help support those affected by the George Floyd tragedy
– Justice for George Floyd petition: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-jacob-frey-justice-for-george-floyd
– George Floyd Family GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
– Help small businesses damaged by riots: https://www.welovelakestreet.com/ and https://www.givemn.org/story/Nufc
– ACLU of Minnesota: https://www.aclu-mn.org/en/donate

Episode 117 – The Sorrow of Seyrr-lyt

This week, Seyrr, Klauss, and Taliz talk about how our lives have changed since the last episode with many things shut down and many people self-quarantining or social distancing due to COVID-19. It’s not all doom-and-gloom though, there was plenty of Final Fantasy stuff happening! We talk about the newest behind-the-scenes videos for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers, the Ishgardian Restoration and Diadem content from FFXIV Patch 5.21, and a new interview with FFTCG illustrator Isamu Kamikokuryo. Seyrr takes us through the storyline of the Sorrow of Werlyt sidequest, and we break him with theories of what may be coming in future battles!

Make sure to listen how you can enter to win one of 3 Phoenix Down keychains from Loot Cave!

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Thank you for listening.

Show Notes:
Inside FFVII Remake Episode 1: https://youtu.be/DCAJADlLg9g
New Screenshots for FFVII Remake of side characters, Honey Bee Inn, and more:
Letter from SE NA CEO regarding FFVII release and COVID-19: https://square-enix-games.com/en_US/news/message-square-enix-ceo

FFXIV Behind the scenes of Shadowbringers:
Part 3 – Shaping the Styles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP_0cjPfLy8
Part 4 – Making the Monsters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58365xeY8iw
FFXIV NA Support centers closed down due to COVID-19: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/f8305e747c10e1e283309917105b4f7fad04925f

Interview with FFTCG illustrator Isamu Kamikokuryo: https://na.finalfantasy.com/topics/160
Mobius Final Fantasy crossover with War of the Visions: https://www.finalfantasyunion.com/news/4291/mobius-final-fantasy-comes-to-war-of-the-visions-final-fantasy-brave-exvius-in-japan/

Episode 96 – A Couch Full of Potatoes

The hype for the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers is reaching a fever pitch! We have PSU.com game journalist Tim Nunes (https://twitter.com/timberelli) join us to talk about his time at the Media Event held a couple weeks ago, his time spent hands-on with the new jobs and new dungeons, and ask about his interview with Yoshida. We discuss the changes outlined on the latest Live Letter, and a lot more! We also say good-bye to Chille for awhile, as he temporarily steps down as co-host. We wish him the best!

Show notes:
Menphina Madness Donation Links for TWLOHA:
Support Kugane: https://give.twloha.com/fundraiser/2056201
Support Gridania: https://give.twloha.com/fundraiser/2010613

Shadowbringers Benchmark: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/benchmark/
Moogle Treasure Trove Event info: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/mogmog-collection/
Make It Rain Campaign: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2019/the_make_it_rain_campaign/
FFXIV at E3: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/32b20a7265b59f731226747ee585c3ee48b8237b

Playstation Universe’s coverage of FFXIV Shadowbringer’s Media Tour:

Episode 95 – Live from Balmung!

This week, Klauss visits a strange new land, filled with characters role-playing a magical game called Blitzball! We visit the Balmung server to talk with special guests Keio and Cagi, members of the Kugane Koban Crushers team; as well as Aegir, one of the organizers of the Menphina Madness Blitzball tournament. The group helps explain how Blitzball is played within FFXIV, why the tournament was started, and how you can help support an amazing cause, To Write Love on Her Arms. We also discuss the latest news in the Final Fantasy universe, including the hype from the recent FFVII Remake trailer. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
Menphina Madness Blitzball Information: http://menphinamadness.org/
Support Kugane: https://give.twloha.com/fundraiser/2056201
or Pledge per Goal: https://forms.gle/YTjT2rHoFSvuBLS66

Letter from the Producer from Yoshi

FFVII Teaser trailer dropped on PS State of Play

Episode 94 – Return of the Crystal Tower

This week, Klauss, Chille, and Seyrr are joined by Neil Bolt, video games editor at bloody-disgusting.com and new adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV. We discuss his experiences so far, and talk about whether or not this game is still accessible to new players. Seyrr gives us a remedial lesson on the history of the Crystal Tower.

Show notes:
Bloody Disgusting Video Games: https://www.bloody-disgusting.com/videogames
Neil on Twitter: https:// twitter.com/nezzko

Menphina Madness Tournament info: http://menphinamadness.org
Support the Kugane Koban Crushers: https://give.twloha.com/fundraiser/2056201

Heavensward is Free until June 27th: https://square-enix-games.com/en_AU/news/final-fantasy-xiv-heavensward-free-limited-time

Episode 93 – All Things Eureka

This week Klauss, Seyrr, and Chille talk about all things pertaining to Eureka, including the story line and the lore of the zone. We also talk about the upcoming Menphina Madness Blitzball Tournament and fundraiser for the charity To Write Love on her Arms. Links with more info are listed below.

Show Notes:
Menphina Madness Information: https://bardabouttown.tumblr.com/post/184250297205/its-time-for-menphina-madness-its-time-to-score
To Write Love on her Arms website: https://twloha.com
To pledge support to one of the teams: https://t.co/QYwbMFjzbJ

FFXIV Free Login Campaign info: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/5d8832c15e6c845e8c76b590f7a8acb26d4921da
FFXV Crossover event info: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/ffxv/