Episode 9 – Honey, I shrunk the Klauss!

Klauss is a Lala now! The PDR crew talks about #FanFest2016, Live letter 26, Yoshi-P’s apology, and what constitutes for a holiday event now. The discussion turns to #DoYouEvenPVPBro? and resident PDR Lorebrarian(™) Seyrr tells us all about the Astral and Umbral eras.

Episode 8 – All I want for Starlight is my Relic grind?

Klauss, Vox, and Seyrr discuss the new 3.15 quests, the state of FFXIV, Holiday traditions in Eorzea and why Seyrr is a Christmas cake. {Please look forward to it!}

Episode 7 – Winner Winner, Airship Dinner?

We announce our first contests, and Seyrr’s airship component entry is a winner! The crew discusses how to play FFXIV from a beginner’s standpoint, and we learn more about where Lalafell really come from.

Episode 6 – Welcome to Jurassic Park – Eorzea

The PDR Crew discusses our opinions of patch 3.1, game etiquette, and everyone’s favorite Agent of Enquiry and Gentleman of Light!

Episode 5 – Moving On…

Luna rejoins Klauss and Seyrr. The crew discusses 3.1 notes, QoL improvements, and the Gelmorran Civilization

Episode 4 – Speaking of Dragons

Klauss and Seyrr take a field trip to the Churning Mists to discuss The Aery, and talk about the new information from the latest Producer Live Letter!

Episode 3 – From Coerthas, With Love!

Klauss and Seyrr talk about upcoming events, End-game Raid support, and Dusk Vigil

Episode 2 – Syrcus Afro

Klauss, Luna, and Seyrr discuss info from the latest Live Letter and Duty Commenced episode, delve into of the Fractal Continuum, and talk about Syrcus Afros?

Episode 1 – Putting the FUN back into Dysfunctional!

Our FIRST official podcast, episode 1. We gloss over Patch 3.07 and The Moonfire Faire, and talk in depth about the upcoming Patch 3.1, the Rising event, Alexander Savage mode, dig into the lore of the Great Gubal Library, and start to explain end-game crafting and gathering.

Episode 0 – The Prologue

Testing the equipment, making sure things are working for the most part. Apologies for Klauss’s mic cutting in and out, we should have that taken care of for Episode 1.