Heavensward Music Contest

Calling all FFXIV Musicians! SE has announced a new contest to celebrate the release of the Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack. They want to hear your rendition of the Foundation theme “Night in the Brume”. Prizes include a decorative plaque signed by Soken as well as a number of in-game items.

Full details available on the Lodestone.

Final Fantasy games sale at GameStop

If you’ve been wanting to get a friend into FFXIV, or looking to grab that PC copy of FF 7, now is a good time to do it. Found on a SlickDeals post, a number of PC Digital Download versions of Final Fantasy Games, from FF4 to FFXIV Heavensward bundle are on sale through GameStop.


*Note – Phoenix Down Radio does not receive any compensation for this post, I am only posting to pass along a good deal to fellow FF fans. Enjoy!

Susan Calloway announces artist cut of Answers

Recording artist Susan Calloway, known to Final Fantasy XIV fans for her hauntingly beautiful and powerful vocals for “Answers” has announced via her Twitter account @susancalloway “The Artist Cut” of the song, available March 4th. {Please look forward to it!}

Episode 12 – Eskalia is a Materia Girl!

Episode 12 is now available for your auditory pleasures.

Eskalia from Limit Break Radio joins us as we talk about the Materia system changes, Patch 3.2 video, and Rowena’s empire! Also, I think there’s cherry lube somewhere in the Valentione’s quest, or so I’m told?

“You’re not Alone” charity stream airing March 11

Eskalia from Limit Break Radio is hosting another charity live stream on March 11th. Join us on twitch.tv/phoenixdownradio tonight as he guest hosts with us and tells us all about it.

The stream will be live at twitch.tv/limitbreakradio.


Episode 12 special guest

We are pleased to announce that the next episode of Phoenix Down Radio will have a special Guest Host! We will be joined by Eskalia from Limit Break Radio and Final Encounter Cast. Come join us on February 13th at twitch.tv/phoenixdownradio and be a part of this special episode!

New “Duty Commenced” Episode 10 announced

The North American Community team announced the next episode of “Duty Commenced” airing Friday, February 5th at 6PM ET/3PM PT on the official FFXIV Twitch channel, twitch.tv/finalfantasyxiv.

Patch 3.2 grows closer with each passing moon, and the tenth installment of DUTY COMMENCED has a taste of what to expect in this upcoming major content update. The North American Community Team invites you to join them as they divulge the hot scoops from Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVI & XXVII and explore several side characters adventurers should be quite familiar with in another round of the Lore Lowdown!

The full post is available on the Lodestone.

Eskalia’s “You are not Alone” Charity Live-stream scheduled for March 11th

Eskalia from Limit Break Radio will be hosting another Charity live-stream on Friday, March 11th, starting at 5PM ET. Titled “You are not Alone” Eskalia will be playing Final Fantasy 9 start to finish. Proceeds for this stream will benefit the charity Transgender Michigan.

Go check out twitch.tv/limnitbreakradio and give them a follow to make sure you know when the stream goes live on March 11!